[Example Sentences]:
1. So it is now up to us to determine what the legacy of this tragedy will be.
2. Every day that people have to think about this tragedy, it just makes them more upset.
3. The events taking place in the capital of Ukraine are a tragedy for all Ukrainian people.
4. So I ll tune out of social media on this tragedy until then.
5. This is a tragedy to us as a people.
6. As if this tragedy and the broader threat of terrorism are somehow two different things.
7. The tragedy occurred Friday evening as people were celebrating the local new year.
8. We have to end this tragedy of suicide among our troops and veterans, Obama said in his speech.
9. This is a tragedy of the worst kind, because there was no indication in time to save people.
10. The work on HIV will go on, but this tragedy represents a setback.
11. A tragedy like this just hits home so hard.
12. It did not determine if the tragedy was avoidable.
13. It is thought to be the deadliest climbing tragedy on the mountain.
14. In the face of the tragedy, Muslim leaders focused on the actions of the passengers who intervened.
15. In an address from the White House, Obama called the tragedy an act of terror and hate.


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