[Definition]: state of how many vehicles on the road; transfer illegal goods

[Example Sentences]:
1. Bland was arrested in a traffic stop three days before she was found in her cell on July 13.
2. Sales on Black Friday fell 13.2% from last year, with foot traffic down 11.4%.
3. Robbins was quick to note, Internet traffic is going to triple by 2020.
4. It accounted for 55% of all mobile data traffic in 2014.
5. Also in Denver, Harris had traffic stops in 2015 and 2008.
6. As a result, overall mobile data traffic grew 69% in 2014.
7. We can then help our customers sort out the good traffic from the bad.
8. A large majority of the traffic to its sites is through mobile devices.
9. With that feature AWS users will be able to filter traffic at the container-level.
10. The traffic has not returned to levels seen before the email service went down.
11. This could result in less traffic to those pages and sites.
12. Most of our traffic is served out from servers from user locations.
13. It can even give you estimated arrival times based on traffic conditions.
14. All the public will see is the traffic mess it has caused.
15. Facebook says it works to manage the traffic flowing in and out of its campus.

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