[Example Sentences]:
1. Surface has always had a microSD card slot, and the proud tradition continues with Pro 4.
2. The tradition of a presidential farewell address dates back to George Washington in 1796.
3. It is Apple tradition to lunch with your boss on your first day of work.
4. He is part of the Russian tradition of engineers who really believe in order.
5. This is part of a tradition that she holds dear.
6. One such tradition is a night of liberty for the winning team and their fellow students.
7. The Muslim world has for centuries had a rich tradition of exploration, he wrote.
8. Boston is a proud City built on history, tradition and a real sense of community.
9. Their adherence to tradition has kept them far behind other groups in education and wealth.
10. The tradition of child marriage is rooted partly in poverty.
11. Mr Trump, never one to bypass the spotlight, broke with tradition twice on Monday night.
12. Google has a proud OK, kind of goofy tradition of naming its working phone models after sweets.
13. That tradition is being maintained today.
14. Several temples in India preserve the tradition of barring entry to women.

[Antonyms]annals, chronicle, ordinance

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