[Example Sentences]:
1. HP said it is on track to erase that debt by the end of 2013.
2. Employers are on track to add the most jobs in 15 years in 2014.
3. FireEye continues to track Unit 61398.
4. The peak period is on track for 397 company reports, compared with 385 in the first quarter of 2015.
5. The SaaS market overall is on track to be worth $44 billion to $48 billion in calendar 2016.
6. The result showed that Samsung was on track for a recovery.
7. This is the best app to track all your online purchases.
8. Facebook is going to use multiple ways to track their users and sell them to their advertisers.
9. The only way you can keep it all on track is by developing this skill.
10. Police were trying to track down the other people present during the attack.
11. You can also use the app to track it if it gets lost.
12. You have a few ways to track your data usage on an Android or iOS device.
13. She began to worry that he would track her down in person.
14. If you track users at all, it will be used against them at some point.
15. The app is free, and includes the ability to track up to two credits.

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