[Example Sentences]:
1. The tour guide had been taking a family of four on a trip.
2. You can see one of the other tour ships docked.
3. No announcement regarding the rest of the tour has been made yet.
4. Their daughter saw the tour in Chicago and told them they had to see it, she said.
5. There is also a lack of trained tour guides and not nearly enough places to eat.
6. She said she decided to postpone the tour because she had a school project to complete.
7. Miller came at that time, but tour organizers say he was not planning to join the marathon.
8. He spent the final days of January on an extensive tour, and he clearly benefited.
9. I asked one of our Korean tour guides about it.
10. A young blind woman led them on a tour of the school.
11. It declined to let a reporter tour the site.
12. An image from the Apple Watch guided tour videos shows a how you access your friends and contacts.
13. She recalled an incident while on tour singing with the Army National Guard performance band.
14. Hezbollah gave reporters a tour of areas it had captured.
15. I came along for the tour because I was bored, and something about the campus spoke to me.

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