[Example Sentences]:
1. It started making it tough for a lot of people to be his friend.
2. The year is off to a tough start for many tech companies.
3. The good news is the president sounded tough and very much on the side of consumers.
4. Some legal experts believe the case will be a tough win.
5. He put up the strike zone and he made it tough on us.
6. The future of this country depends on us engaging with the tough questions.
7. The key to taking great photos in tough circumstances is keeping great form.
8. With so many changes in hardware, Apple and developers had a tough time testing for compatibility.
9. The tough economic times in the past five years accelerated the process.
10. They re too heavy and tough to make work in real life.
11. Airlines have had a tough time on the markets in recent weeks.
12. Some of those tough decisions always begin at the bottom and work their way skyward.
13. This has proved tough so far because swiping a card is so easy and quick.
14. In the business of technology infrastructure, China has also been a tough market.
15. It would make it tough for the IRS to audit or investigate the company.

[Antonyms]elastic, flexible, lithe

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