[Example Sentences]:
1. Security tool to live on until July 2018.
2. Many companies want this and want to use this tool in their test systems.
3. I do see my smartphone as a tool and not as my pal.
4. The app will become the tool that users use to find and install new software.
5. The iPad has since proven to be an important tool for businesses over the years.
6. The best tool can be a smartphone packed with the right apps.
7. We ll show you how to use the tab management tool in this video tip.
8. A tool that can sit between all that complexity and the customer could be valuable.
9. He had standing in the military community and could have been a useful tool for us.
10. The data center will be another tool for these researchers.
11. The tool can give results for a broad range of topics.
12. He said he found it a powerful tool as a teacher.
13. This is a tool to help us evolve as a people.
14. The tool could be used for more than a walk down memory lane.
15. He called cameras the best tool we have to maintain the public trust.

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