[Example Sentences]:
1. The tone of some of the public statements in Russia has been gleeful.
2. The tone of the coverage seems to be more about whether we will survive this.
3. The alert was stronger in tone than one on the same group issued a week ago.
4. This all presents a challenge when the TV needs to tone down certain areas of the screen.
5. The tone seems to be similar across all the banks, she said.
6. Yet the fierce criticism and negative tone of the campaign has come at a cost.
7. Perhaps the tone of this presidential campaign has already been set.
8. Any change of tone or context could put lives at risk.
9. The tone of the race between the insurgents has shocked many for its raw anger and insolence.
10. Her voice can be soft at times, yet her tone and impact is hard as a rock.
11. That one comes in a regular stainless steel tone or in space black.
12. It also has a tone generator, and you can change the pitch to any frequency.
13. The less violent tone Saturday does not necessarily signal a new dawn in the troubled area.
14. Not only were many aggressive in tone, they also contained images of male genitalia.
15. The new cooperative tone is just one of the unexpected ways the bankruptcy has played out.


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