[Example Sentences]:
1. Nearly all the soft tissue had been stripped away by the blast.
2. The other girl had a soft tissue leg injury that he said required extensive sticking.
3. That puts the patients at risk of reduced blood flow and tissue damage.
4. The reflective tissue in their eyes turns a deep blue to help them see in the dark.
5. Some predict the printers will use biological tissue to create entire replacement organs.
6. Once that mesh was in place to support the tissue, the scientists washed out the fat.
7. They also collect blood and tissue samples from the sharks, measure them, and determine their sex.
8. This possibly opens the door to tissue regeneration repair with drugs, they said.
9. The microscopic analysis revealed good preservation of the skin and muscle tissue, as well.
10. In the audience, the mother of Kelly Thomas wept into a tissue as someone shouted, No.
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