[Example Sentences]:
1. Montana was the master of timing and anticipation during a 49er career that lasted from 1979-92.
2. He said the delivery timing for this new update was still to be determined.
3. The timing of a China Mobile deal could be very fortuitous.
4. The company did not respond to questions about the timing of said evaluation.
5. The timing of those potential agreements may take time to fully materialize.
6. Google is likely to insist that the timing has nothing to do with other developments.
7. The signals also play a critical role in the timing of financial transactions.
8. They cautioned that pricing and timing for any deal had not been completed.
9. The timing of the holiday changes from year to year.
10. The timing of a next release is not decided.
11. It is absolutely essential that we keep the timing that we have, he said.
12. The team managed to pull this off by carefully timing the attacks.
13. It did not say yet how many shares it plans to sell or specify the timing of the deal.
14. It has outlined particular demands on the cost and timing of the debt payments.
15. The timing was designed to ensure public safety and provide minimal disruption to campus.
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