[Example Sentences]:
1. Mozilla has a search revenue deal with Google that has been renewed multiple times since 2005.
2. It turns out that only five times have they delivered a blow of 30%.
3. The firm has also gone to trial at least nine times since 2013.
4. This article has been updated a bunch of times since its original debut in 2011.
5. The two times the stock climbed after results, the average gain was 8%.
6. Less work for the database and faster response times for the user, the company said.5.
7. Such naval clashes have happened three times since 1999.
8. Its latest devices generate 25 times as much electricity over a year as those made in the 1980s.
9. The new processors offer up to 2.5 times the performance of those used in the Surface Pro 3.
10. Sanchez, is a convicted drug felon who has been deported to Mexico five times since 1994.
11. Now you can get one with 16 times the capacity and a color screen that plays videos for $149.
12. The Twitch app has been downloaded more than 23 million times since its launch in 2011.
13. The temporary license was extended several times, with the latest reprieve expiring on March 29.
14. That is an astonishing 48 times more than the rate in 2013.
15. Its stock is even more expensive, trading at 28 times earnings estimates for 2017.
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