[Example Sentences]:
1. For most of May, the median price of a ticket on the secondary market was around $850.
2. The cheapest train ticket available costs only $13.
3. The average ticket sold on StubHub went for $5,944.
4. That honor goes to a $68 million Mega Millions ticket sold in Brooklyn in 2002.
5. This ticket can be used to access enterprise resources within the enterprise network.
6. I understand that some people who can they buy a ticket and leave.
7. Another plan would be to increase ticket prices only on the wealthy.
8. The winner may not even know they have the winning ticket yet.
9. He was charged and received a a desk appearance ticket for court at a later date.
10. That ticket likely includes a desire for balance and flexibility in their workplaces.
11. The cost of a movie ticket has risen steadily over the last decade.
12. It also comes with online technical and phone ticket support.
13. Getting the best deal on the price of a plane ticket increasingly comes down to where you book.
14. Or use it while reading about a new movie and see times and ticket links appear.
15. That was enough to form long lines at many outlets in the final hours of ticket sales.
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