[Example Sentences]:
1. It even has you touch with the edges of your thumb so it can get a full picture.
2. The rule of thumb is never to go in alone.
3. It will pop up on your phone, you will put your thumb on it and you will be done.
4. Inside allows users to customize their feed via thumb up and down icons.
5. If you take mental health out of it, you are putting a thumb on the scale of death.
6. The cursor only moves while your thumb is in contact with the thumbpad.
7. If you have an iPhone, your thumb can get to the bottom of the screen more easily than the top.
8. Or scan copies, then save on an encrypted thumb drive or email to yourself.
9. A good rule of thumb is to only take time off during the work day as you would in the office.
10. Or, plug a USB thumb drive filled with media into the USB port.
11. There is also conductive leather on the tip and sides of only the thumb and index finger.
12. As a general rule of thumb, AT T and Verizon tend to have the best coverage nationwide.
13. The music would be distributed through the Cuban underground on DVDs and thumb drives.
14. As a rule of thumb, boards also want experienced members.
15. Any USB thumb drive can do the job. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home