[Definition]: a potential danger, declare to retaliate, punish or give damage to somebody

[Example Sentences]:
1. The Windows versions of the threat date back at least to 2011.
2. The national terrorism threat level for Canada remains at a medium, which it has been at since 2014.
3. The interstellar medium as the space in this region is called is not a threat to Voyager 1.
4. Little surprise, then, that ransomware has become the security threat of the 2016.
5. March on Google claimed it received a threat to drive a car into the march.
6. Officials have not released his name and said there is no further threat to the public.
7. These people lived under the threat that their children could be taken from them at any time.
8. The biggest threat in the capital will come from the heavy rainfall.
9. It will turn into a cancer and will be a threat to the whole world.
10. They decided he was not a threat to himself or others and took no further action.
11. This threat is perhaps the most similar to attack methods that have been around a while.
12. Obama says the group is a threat to all nations.
13. Any threat to its app could add up to big numbers.
14. That could be a serious threat to the country going forward.
15. The time mentioned in the threat came and went without incident.

[Antonyms]promise, encouragement, allurement

[Synonyms]menace, denunciation, threatening © 2020  Terms of Use | Home