[Example Sentences]:
1. We need a more thorough investigation of who is behind them.
2. Why does Amazon put its employees through such a thorough search?
3. Your next step should be to conduct a thorough audit of everything on your hard drives.
4. The site includes help guides and thorough instructions on setting up your first email campaign.
5. There will be a thorough investigation into the incident.
6. The effort has been a thorough failure, as officials have conceded.
7. Roberts pledged that the city would conduct a thorough investigation into the shooting.
8. Back in the day, technology was deployed only after a thorough requirements analysis.
9. Only a very small percentage has received the more thorough examination, he said.
10. A forensic team is also conducting a thorough review.
11. Virtual networks still require a thorough and reliable physical network.
12. Search and rescue did a very thorough job.
13. Time to plan the operation was short, but the planning was thorough, the official said.
14. Many of the comments have expressed sadness or anger, and used a thorough dose of profanity.

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