[Example Sentences]:
1. Now he has to do the same thing with the company he started in 1977.
2. One thing I especially like about this deal is the fact that you can buy it with Windows 7.
3. It seems like a smart thing and very much in keeping with privacy and security concerns in 2015.
4. Now the same thing is happening with Windows 7.
5. The real thing would cost more than $200.
6. One thing we can tell you is that we should see this headset come to fruition sometime in 2016.
7. To me, the most exciting thing about iOS 7 has always been iOS 8.
8. Particularly when that thing is Windows 8.
9. I feel like this is the last thing I do to support my industry.
10. The most important thing you can do is take a lot of pictures.
11. I believe that we are all trying to do the right thing for our country.
12. I told the president the same thing I told him the last time we spoke.
13. This is the right thing to do for them and for us.
14. The important thing is to look at what has already been done.
15. The most important thing at Apple are what are we there for.


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