[Example Sentences]:
1. To give some idea of how thin the materials used for the storage medium are, an 8.5-by-11-in.
2. The core system of the T100 is a thin, light 1.2lb tablet that ships with Windows 8.1.
3. In a big room the bass is slightly thin unless you add the dedicated wireless subwoofer for $399.
4. It launches as a thin search box right in the middle of your screen.
5. The iPad Air I bought is thin and light and fragile.
6. The environment this high up is similar to the thin Martian atmosphere.
7. It had to be thin but durable enough to protect the screen.
8. The films are so thin that they can be printed out and enable flexible screens.
9. The big reason profits are thin is because of cash burn on new efforts.
10. They are very thin and flexible, and are also stretchy.
11. At least at first, you will grow a thin skin.
12. Tsarnaev was pushing a long, thin object up through the boat covering.
13. Trading was thin with many markets around the world closed Friday for holidays.
14. They hope it does that thin drives will help them hang onto the mobile device market, but it won't.
15. The bass track is represented by a thin dish of water placed on a speaker.


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