[Example Sentences]:
1. This is why the theory of disruption by itself offers no cure.
2. The students will then learn the theory they need in order to accomplish the given project.
3. The theory behind the phone range is to combine the practical with the covetable.
4. One theory holds that they may have been responsible for delivering water to the planets.
5. The theory has been a topic of debate among activists and researchers.
6. The theory itself is false, but every indication is that the people sharing it are genuine.
7. First of all, these people do not understand the theory of rebirth.
8. Now, the researchers are trying to bolster their theory with additional fossils.
9. It is a controversial legal theory, born out of a digital world.
10. The theory behind that rule is that separate federal securities laws exist to protect investors.
11. This theory is backed up by another US expert.
12. In theory, Google should have no problem matching Apple on the customization front.
13. In theory, hedge funds make money or at least lose less when markets are in a death spiral.
14. However, his theory as to the reason why was quickly discredited.
15. In theory, Mr Tsipras has lost his parliamentary majority and his government is hanging by a thread.

[Antonyms]fact, truth, verity

[Synonyms]hypothesis, speculation, doctrine © 2020  Terms of Use | Home