[Example Sentences]:
1. However, it then dropped the rate again Wednesday by a further 1.6%.
2. He sent the girl to live with his mother, then married her when she was 12.
3. He then resumed his work as a lawyer and died at about 80.
4. That batch would then ship sometime in the first quarter of 2015.
5. Until then, he said he had been living the American dream since coming from Pakistan in 1993.
6. The typical fare for an airport ride back then was about $65.
7. Since then, the stock has run up over 8%.
8. She campaigned to go into what was then the European Economic Community in 1975.
9. If you want an affordable, functional smartphone then I highly recommend the Lumia 830.
10. Presidential and parliamentary elections would then be held in early 2014.
11. Keating then attended law school and joined a law firm in 1947.
12. Apple shares since then are up 66%.
13. It was followed by the bust and then the subsequent market boom, which ended in 2007.
14. His family moved to Edinburgh when he was a toddler and then to Canada when he was about 6.
15. Both then switched back to yes votes in 2013.


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