[Example Sentences]:
1. Many online services already have a great way for users to protect themselves against hackers.
2. What this means for the products themselves and for consumers using them is not yet known.
3. There is this general idea that people need to change themselves to become more attractive.
4. One day or another they will find themselves before this problem of physical appearance.
5. The work permits allow them to support themselves until their cases are resolved.
6. There is also a risk of drones themselves falling on people or their property.
7. Apple is just setting themselves up for what they see coming.
8. Businesses themselves are looking for help when it comes to security.
9. They have buried themselves under loans they may never be able to repay.
10. I want them to just be themselves and talk directly to their audience.
11. They were people who had been doing a job and suddenly found themselves in a terrible situation.
12. People should be able to decide for themselves whether or not they would like to see it.
13. When asked what consumers should do to protect themselves online, Thomas had little to add.
14. They had lost so many things and they needed a way of supporting themselves, she said.
15. All I said was, they may have to defend themselves or they have to help us out. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home