[Example Sentences]:
1. The same group is also thought to have been behind the theft of money from banks.
2. Police in Thailand believe the case is linked to a similar theft there.
3. With the year they had, there are fears the theft could be substantial.
4. It also has theft coverage for the full value of the car, according to its website.
5. It will likely be many months before the degree of card fraud related to the theft is known.
6. The earlier you catch identity theft, the easier it is to deal with.
7. We also urge you to take action to implement effective theft deterrents.
8. The industry has an obligation to help deal with the theft problem, the prosecutors said.
9. The massive theft of NSA data is the largest breach of classified data in US history.
10. That makes it the largest category of identity theft complaints by a substantial margin.
11. As we do more things online, the issue of identity theft becomes an increasingly serious problem.
12. With nearly everyone knowing someone who has been a victim of identity theft, the issue is familiar.
13. Credit card theft continues to be among the most common and widespread forms of digital crime.
14. So why is theft still such a problem?
15. Police also listed theft and child abuse as possible charges. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home