[Example Sentences]:
1. Other things that users have asked for have appeared in Windows 8.1.
2. Yahoo said in a regulatory filing last year that it could be as high as 36.5%.
3. The good news is that Microsoft has worked to ease the learning curve with Windows 8.1.
4. The implication was that the update would be free to customers running Windows 8.1.
5. After that, it returns to its regular price of $19.99.
6. Congress is debating a number of bills designed to hold that rate down closer to the current 3.4%.
7. He also said again that he plans to run for president in 2018.
8. The issue was they just thought that they could have me 24/7.
9. Amazon introduced a companion game controller that costs $39.99.
10. The last time that happened over at least four months was in April 2001.
11. It also announced that it would leave the Japanese market in 2012.
12. The number that every other tech reporter will focus on today is the share for Windows 8.
13. AMD is one of two companies that can play with x86.
14. There needs to be a car in front of you that also goes under 30mph.
15. Who would have said that Apple or Google would have a smartphone presence in 1998?

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