[Example Sentences]:
1. Both devices have about the same resolution and size, but text just looks better on the Moto 360.
2. The entire text is scheduled to enter the public domain on January 1,2016.
3. Microsoft is not contacting people by emails or text messages regarding Windows 10.
4. He says on LinkedIn that he has sent more than 1 million text messages since August 2012.
5. The text of the order was released several hours after it was signed.
6. Users send a code by text and get back the information they require.
7. The feature will let you do such things as reply to a text by voice.
8. The text will be presented to the Security Council in the next few days for endorsement.
9. I get that most people would much rather text or use WhatsApp than talk.
10. We did not access the content of the telephone call or the text message under this access.
11. Here you can see the first line of text, though the second line is hidden.
12. If you think text messages are in play, you need to have some access to that device.
13. Post them on social media or share directly over text or email.
14. So I sent her a text message to tell her the truth.
15. He also uses it to answer text messages and even his phone.

[Antonyms]annihilation, version
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