[Example Sentences]:
1. The security review and testing will be conducted and completed during August 2017.
2. Officials plan to take similar measures when upper school testing begins on May 25.
3. PayPal has been testing its physical payments service at Home Depot stores since early 2012.
4. At the end of testing, the company bought another two more cards, spending a total of US$60,000.
5. The testing will continue this month and next month as we do these software upgrades.
6. Google is testing a way to let people log in to its online services without a password.
7. There are also few court cases testing the limits of the law.
8. What those changes might be will depend on how the testing goes.
9. This is one utility that I have to spend many weeks testing to see benefits.
10. They aim to help bring down cost and testing effort to a very affordable level.
11. That was actually a big concern of mine before I started testing the app.
12. So this move by Texas is really testing all of that.
13. Getting involved and testing things out is absolutely our way of doing things.
14. But, by including women in our testing we made it a game accessible to women.
15. With so many changes in hardware, Apple and developers had a tough time testing for compatibility.
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