[Example Sentences]:
1. However, he would not refute or deny the testimony he gave in 2005.
2. We are quite eager to take his testimony and to face him in court.
3. Apple will continue building its case with testimony from experts.
4. How much of those emails make it into testimony remains to be seen.
5. Much of that evidence came from testimony of survivors of the military brothels.
6. The names of dozens of people have come up in evidence and testimony at trial so far.
7. He added that details were still unclear, as the testimony had not all been completed.
8. The alleged victim is expected to continue her testimony on Thursday afternoon.
9. The testimony of business executives has been a key tool for investigators to date.
10. An audio only feed of their testimony would then be broadcast.
11. Even without their testimony, prosecutors have been trying to show that Holmes was sane.
12. The jury has already heard testimony from one of the two adult survivors of the shooting.
13. No sooner did he begin his testimony than the hearing reached its end for the day.
14. The testimony reveals how little information the military had on which to base an urgent response.
15. The testimony of the accused and his witnesses is exempt.


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