[Example Sentences]:
1. He was convicted of terrorism charges in New York on May 19,2014.
2. The national terrorism threat level for Canada remains at a medium, which it has been at since 2014.
3. He was convicted on terrorism charges in 2012.
4. He was tried and found guilty in his absence of terrorism offences in Jordan in 1999.
5. Guantanamo has held 780 terrorism suspects since 2002.
6. These are the same people who have been doing terrorism before, he said.
7. Where do you draw the line between terrorism and the right to protect my land?
8. He says it has long made fighting terrorism a top priority.
9. The official said there was no evidence of terrorism thus far.
10. Afghanistan will become the center of terrorism again within one month.
11. To protect us from terrorism, we need to focus on three things.
12. It is not just the threat of terrorism that is causing a headache.
13. We have been playing our part in the fight against terrorism and will continue to do so.
14. The world of terrorism inside the city is growing smaller by the day, he said.
15. The Associated Press news agency said he was wanted on terrorism charges.

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