[Example Sentences]:
1. Service into and out of the terminal is still suspended.
2. He looked back and saw the gunman alone in the terminal hallway.
3. A second man went toward the departure terminal, but was spotted by police and shot.
4. To use it, you hold the card next to the sales terminal and press a button on the card.
5. Libya is preparing this week to ship the first cargo from its largest export terminal in two years.
6. Passengers were moved to the west side of the terminal as a precaution.
7. Half of the seats in the new terminal waiting areas have electrical outlets for charging devices.
8. The only way they can avoid that is by having, and using, a terminal with a card reader.
9. After the shaken driver returned to the terminal, the phone rang.
10. The terminal was allowed to resume normal operations.

[Antonyms]incipient, introductory
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