[Example Sentences]:
1. The temporary license was extended several times, with the latest reprieve expiring on March 29.
2. The decision came days after federal transportation officials signed off on the temporary fix.
3. About half of those who do work have a temporary contract.
4. So a temporary freeze makes it more difficult to open new accounts in your name.
5. Both people in the country illegally and those who have temporary legal status will qualify.
6. You could have a dedicated or a temporary team depending on how often major incidents occur.
7. The accounts also said his wife had been granted a temporary release that may be extended.
8. Other components try to open temporary files which is also not allowed by sandboxing.
9. The third option is a temporary extension of the current provisions.
10. It was a temporary relief and we knew this could happen.
11. Analysts say they expect a temporary government to be installed until elections.
12. His mother later sent a temporary ring to use until the couple could pick out something permanent.
13. This recovery is producing jobs on a temporary basis even faster than the last recovery.
14. So a temporary period of slightly negative inflation can be good for the UK economy.
15. Miller and his wife had temporary custody since the earlier ruling.

[Antonyms]endless, lasting

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