[Example Sentences]:
1. The product was temporarily pulled from the market before Dell made it available again.
2. That court case temporarily closed the issue from a political perspective.
3. I have a little baby and we are temporarily living in a dormitory.
4. This is a relatively common way to target a website and temporarily make it inaccessible.
5. A judge has agreed to temporarily block the city from removing the statue for six months.
6. To do this, we first temporarily disabled some parts of the AV software when the update began.
7. The last reading it took before temporarily expiring?
8. Most have at least temporarily abandoned the idea.
9. As a precaution we have temporarily restricted remote access to the network.
10. Twitter temporarily suspended one account and appears to have blocked offending tweets from others.
11. On Friday, a federal judge in Seattle temporarily blocked the order.
12. As time went on, he turned to the book to retrieve moments that had temporarily vanished with age.
13. Railway operators stopped service in the city temporarily so ash could be removed from the tracks.
14. The animals were given, temporarily, to family that has long taken in abandoned animals.
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