[Definition]: a device to make phone calls

[Example Sentences]:
1. The problem is that the cable companies own content the telephone companies do not.
2. He had no listed telephone number at which to contact him for comment.
3. We did not access the content of the telephone call or the text message under this access.
4. He and his mother also have to have daily telephone contact with the hospital.
5. Mr Hollande had thanked the men by telephone and will meet them in the coming days.
6. This is illegal what has happened, he said in a telephone interview.
7. He learned more about the exact frequencies and tried them out on the telephone system.
8. Neither agency responded to multiple telephone calls on Thursday seeking comment.
9. As a result, rural telephone companies no longer may charge a rural rate.
10. A telephone hotline was set up for consumers to check when their areas might experience power cuts.
11. The two have also shared several telephone calls, some quite contentious.
12. He later told The Associated Press by telephone that the trial will not be aired live.
13. There has never been a single telephone landline.
14. Since then, he has not been permitted a single telephone call under special administrative measures.
15. That legislation would end the bulk collection of telephone data. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home