[Example Sentences]:
1. A teenager would be OK, but not a 6-month-old.
2. The teenager killed four people and wounded five before he shot himself.
3. They have said they believe that the teenager is in grave danger.
4. Authorities said they did not know if the teenager had an attorney.
5. It all began to feel like too much weight to the teenager, she wrote.
6. As a teenager she returned to her native country, and later started an IT company there.
7. Officials have not revealed the identity of the teenager nor details of her injuries.
8. He said he expects police to the slain teenager, his family and his attorneys.
9. Francis lost part of a lung as a teenager due to an infection.
10. When he became a teenager, I saw him talking about religion a lot.
11. Monday morning of charges he assaulted a player by hitting the teenager with a helmet.
12. She said the officers shot and killed the teenager after he tried to stab them.
13. It tells the story of a teenager who runs away from the life her parents have planned for her.
14. In Ferguson, teenager Michael Brown was killed last August by a white police officer.
15. The teenager carried the fake launcher on his shoulder as he made his way across a crosswalk.
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