[Definition]: the knowhow for solving problems

[Example Sentences]:
1. Twitter will be the biggest technology IPO since Facebook went public in May 2012.
2. The first question to ask is whether or not such technology will even be relevant in 2015.
3. IBM will begin making its Watson technology available to developers in 2014.
4. The technology sector is up 5.3%.
5. Only three technology companies have made their debuts so far in 2016.
6. Roman has covered technology since the early 1990s.
7. Apple has been working hard to bolster its mapping technology since ditching Google Maps in 2012.
8. Now, on Wednesday, technology firms can begin work to release products with Bluetooth 5.
9. The technology behind Kinect was originally invented in 2005.
10. The Nasdaq index, which is heavy on technology stocks, fell by more than 4%.
11. So why would anyone want to use the best printing technology of 1983 in 2013?
12. The scanner works with Windows Hello, the biometrics security technology included in Windows 10. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home