[Example Sentences]:
1. Comey added that the technique would not work on the iPhone 5s and the later models iPhone 6 and 6s.
2. The problem here is that this same technique would be possible on all iPhones of this model.
3. This is the technique that will be used to print the bridge out of steel.
4. He said the technique they used is starting to become standard.
5. The technique for breaking down a sample of this size has only just been discovered.
6. So any technique that would improve these odds could save a lot of money.
7. For the moment, Google will use the technique only for patches that are delivered as auto-updates.
8. The technique exploited security flaws in home routers to gain access to the administrator console.
9. The technique is a basic tool that should apply to a variety of brain research.
10. Still, the new technique is so rapid that it could come in handy.
11. Because of this, they decided to use a less sophisticated technique known as SSL stripping.
12. With this technique, the number of people who actually know about the wiretapping would remain low.
13. It is done through a technique called phishing.
14. The researchers exploited the technique to gain higher privileges on a test system.
15. The technique of writing data so many times could potentially crash some environments, Cisco stated. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home