[Definition]: related to technology, technique related

[Example Sentences]:
1. Looking ahead, the headline technical test rests at S P 2,019.
2. Its next notable technical hurdle rests at the 50-day moving average, currently 15,254.
3. Using an iPad at work can feel less technical in nature than using a company laptop.
4. We have brought in more individuals to handle both customer support and any technical issues.
5. German media have tracked down a list of tens of thousands of technical problems.
6. Dell technical support was extremely helpful to me in getting this problem under control.
7. It also comes with online technical and phone ticket support.
8. The forces are providing technical help and are not fighting.
9. There are a lot more issues than technical issues.
10. From a technical point of view, there are a number of advantages that come with this approach.
11. An out of court notification is sufficient by way of technical notice and practical operation.
12. Authorities have said terrorism was a more likely cause of the crash than technical failure.
13. On the technical side, system complexity has created a need for security admins.
14. It could be human error, technical problems or a combination of the two.
15. There are technical questions, there are issues of privacy and security. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home