[Example Sentences]:
1. That line, as originally stated by the team was January 30.
2. The bank passed these observations and a test report onto the NBN Co team in October 2013.
3. The New Horizons team will submit a formal proposal to NASA for that mission in early 2016.
4. He was a standout defensive end for the Georgia Tech football team in the 1990's.
5. A small team at Disney developed the blockchain platform internally in 2016.
6. His team has increased to 20 people from six in 2008.
7. The team is now managing 500 changes to internal systems per month, compared to the previous 100.
8. He invited Mass to join the 14-member team, which met for the first time in the summer of 2015.
9. Australian officials estimated about 10 athletes in its 450-member team for Rio will be under 18.
10. The study team counted 28 known and probable deaths in 2014 and 29 in 2013.

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