[Example Sentences]:
1. There was no one here to teach us how to do this.
2. He says he wants to spend time with his family and teach at a university.
3. I teach them that there are different ways of resistance.
4. They told me I could teach and help the children.
5. We have to teach those kids the right way of resistance.
6. You have to teach a robot how to do that.
7. The goal is to teach pilots how to build and fly their own aerial vehicle.
8. It also fails if it is trying to teach something, since the ultimate message is unclear.
9. What he failed to teach me was how to use what I read, how to treat people.
10. We need psychological assistance for the kids in school and to teach them the real way of living.
11. Every newspaper should also teach its community how to produce media.
12. How do you teach people to use big data?
13. In many ways, games can teach better than any textbook.
14. It takes a couple of minutes to teach Touch ID to recognize a particular fingerprint.
15. Every teacher at the school except one refused to teach her.


[Synonyms]discipline, instruct, tutor
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