[Example Sentences]:
1. A taxi taking the same route might have cost more than $10.
2. He got his taxi badge in 1994.
3. The taxi industry has also spoken out against the company, which they see as a major threat.
4. The data can also alert taxi companies on locations that require more cabs.
5. Many male members of the community work as taxi drivers.
6. Now some Mexican taxi drivers have promised to take that fight from the court to the street.
7. The military veteran paid for a taxi for him back to the hotel, he said.
8. On Monday, the Indian capital banned the taxi service from operating in the city.
9. Instead, Russia is doing all the taxi work for a steep price.
10. A lot could change for the company if the court decides Uber is solely a taxi service.
11. Google is joining Lyft and other taxi alternatives with its own service.
12. When the taxi drivers refused to leave, that was when two men with guns came upon them.
13. In law, it will effectively be just another taxi firm.
14. With the help of a taxi driver, I reached a nearby alley.
15. They work directly with existing taxi drivers in addition to independent operators. © 2024  | Terms of Use | Privacy | Home