[Example Sentences]:
1. Broadband network and technology updates will be the key task from 2016 to 2020.
2. There can be multiple ways to do a task within an applications or between applications.
3. The latest build also offers users more control over their task bar.
4. Having all the data and components of a task in one place can be very helpful.
5. This is not to say the task will be easy.
6. This task will likely become more challenging later in the year.
7. Spark can do this task while the data is still in working memory.
8. SpaceX checked off the first task in the early hours of Monday morning.
9. If it is going to take less than a week to do the task, just get it done.
10. When you open up the details of a task, you can also add notes and even subtasks.
11. So Apple has succeeded in its first big task with its watch.
12. This screen is up to the task of true professional media work.
13. The White House created a task force to help the city address its many challenges.
14. Would it be up to the task if the rumors turn out to be true?
15. This is no easy task for any hybrid, private or public cloud deployment.

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