[Example Sentences]:
1. China and North Korea were both blamed for attacks targeting South Korea in 2013.
2. The NSA began targeting Huawei in early 2009.
3. Microsoft is targeting enterprise users, who want strong security, with the Surface Book 2.
4. It is targeting 60 million phones for all of 2014.
5. The targeting works through the location services feature on a phone.
6. The company will also be targeting developing markets with its mobile handsets.
7. Company officials said in a statement that no hacker emails targeting local officials were opened.
8. The eBay breach is the latest in a series of attacks targeting customer data.
9. Facebook unveiled a new ad targeting tool on Wednesday designed to focus on what users actually buy.
10. But, she does not plan to opt out of the new ad targeting program.
11. Deliveries have resumed, and the company is now targeting to hand over of 13 to 17 planes in 2015.
12. Islamic State said Friday that it was not targeting Kurds but only the among the Kurdish population.
13. It promised to continue targeting activity on dark net sites over the coming weeks.
14. This could be an advertising opportunity, with the ads targeting consumers based on location.
15. The company in recent months has been testing sponsored updates from brands targeting its audience. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home