[Example Sentences]:
1. They could get a lot done for us without much tapping and switching.
2. You can then take a picture simply by tapping the screen.
3. You can customize the feed by tapping the three dots on top of each card.
4. You can easily change this by tapping the title bar and typing something new.
5. I actually found myself scrolling down and tapping on quite a few different news sources.
6. This lets your Twitter app open automatically when tapping a verified Twitter link, for example.
7. Instead of tapping that camera button once, tap and hold it down.
8. Try tapping on a table for an hour and see if your fingers feel great afterwards.
9. Notifications can be opened by tapping on them or can be hidden with a swipe.
10. Upon tapping it, users will go right back to where they were.
11. As kids check out each location, they explore by tapping and moving things and characters about.
12. The HP launch is tapping into that trend, he said.
13. Facebook is tapping into the mobile boom, as well.
14. You can change the wallpaper by tapping and holding anywhere on the home screen.
15. A lot of the terminals that merchants are tapping for the EMV shift also have NFC capabilities.
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