[Example Sentences]:
1. The breakthrough is significant because tape is far from dead in data centers.
2. She said police had put up tape around the shooting scene and the crowd was growing in size.
3. It took the regulator six weeks to fully restore its operations from tape backup.
4. The tape prompted dozens of Republicans to drop their support for him.
5. Because I saw somebody smarter than I am had a piece of tape over their camera.
6. How popular tape becomes as a cloud backup option remains to be seen.
7. Like a tape that can be turned off and on like a light switch but without any power or electronics.
8. Opponents of the deal seized on the tape, and four members of the mission were soon fired.
9. There was yellow tape on the right and yellow tape on the left.
10. Early on Friday, yellow police tape marked off the scene of the shooting.
11. Ward realized that the video feed he had watched was on tape delay.
12. The downtown area around the courthouse remained cordoned off by police tape Friday evening.
13. The tape holds your Surface Pro securely in place.
14. At that point, tape will be well and truly dead, as hard drives replace it.
15. Legal experts say the bathroom tape could become key evidence.
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