[Example Sentences]:
1. You can even score a free tank of gas for your car to take the ultimate summer road trip.5.
2. Given gasoline prices in California, that full tank may be estimated as high as $80.
3. An Israeli soldier checks his weapon atop a tank near the border with Gaza July 27,2014.
4. A man in a white tank top with a big red heart on the front.
5. NASA engineers resolved the issues but then discovered a problem with a hydrogen tank valve.
6. Sharp hopes to figure out what was going on in the tank prior to its collapse.
7. You could cover a tank with it and make it look like a bicycle, he added.
8. The tank would then drop off and either burn up in the atmosphere or plunge into the ocean.
9. He said firefighters were directing water toward the tank to prevent it from exploding.
10. There were also reports that a tank containing flammable fuel was leaking on to the tracks.
11. Another image showed a man in shorts and a tank top standing on the wall.
12. The Commonwealth Fund is a private think tank that promotes access to health.
13. Just attach its hook to the tank handles and lift.
14. It exposes the water in its tank to UV light twice to do so.
15. In Gaza on Sunday, Israeli airstrikes and tank shelling continued.
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