[Example Sentences]:
1. Cupertino is going to need really tall plants to keep the zombies from escaping.
2. The screens are tall and wide, arranged side by side in a pentagon.
3. You can slide sections of the third rack out of the way to load tall items underneath.
4. Apple makes a tall router with multiple antennas.
5. Another scene features a tall red horse ready to be mounted.
6. She was tall, somewhat heavy and had the bearing of a girl beyond her years.
7. The upper rack has three height options, allowing you to fit tall items.
8. So this is certainly a tall order.
9. In some areas it consisted of tall, wire fencing.
10. I personally think 100 million is a tall order, he said.
11. She was just over 3.5 feet tall had strong arms that could have swung her up easily into trees.
12. This particular one stands about 4.5 inches tall according to the description.

[Antonyms]short, small

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