[Example Sentences]:
1. In contrast, Apple spent little time talking about updates to the iPad Mini 3.
2. We have been talking about it since the news came out.
3. We are talking to countries we think can help us out.
4. I have been talking to them for years about this site.
5. I never thought I would be talking about something like that.
6. We must be talking about how they can make a bridge between the two countries.
7. Instead we should be talking about is digital action plans that support your business strategy.
8. You have to understand that we are not talking about a single cloud.
9. A lot of the training is getting really good at talking to people.
10. No one would be talking to each other so you could easily see where this was heading.
11. The company declined to name the other companies it is talking to.
12. You know who will start talking first and the issues are resolved ahead of time.
13. The devices are talking to each other and making those smart decisions on your behalf.
14. So talking your way out of things was one good skill that you needed to learn.
15. We have been talking about the need to deal with it within NATO for years now. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home