[Example Sentences]:
1. Look for a lot of camera talk at MWC 2017.
2. Getting a number that lasts a week with 20 minutes of talk time, for example, costs $1.99.
3. There has been some talk of the 2.5-inch Galaxy Gear display coming with a resolution of 320 by 320.
4. We always talk about where mobile is going to be, not today, not next year, but in 2020 or in 2025.
5. It may be easier to talk yourself into spending $250 on a tablet than $300 or $500.
6. We talk about the future as if we know what it will be.
7. There is talk that the family will have to sell the land.
8. They told me that I might never be able to talk again.
9. We have to find a better way to talk to each other.
10. This means that we talk about all the problems of the world.
11. Now we had to talk to them on their own terms.
12. The crew members also have Internet and phone service to talk with family and friends.
13. That can become a problem when there are many different apps and machines to talk to.
14. I want to talk about what kind of society we want to create.
15. All the talk about data privacy can get caught up in political wrangling.


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