[Example Sentences]:
1. To be great you have to attract the best talent in the world.
2. It also has a talent for making its devices simple to use.
3. Microsoft has had a history of growing its product and talent base for many years.
4. The key is that you have real talent and capability.
5. We used talent acquisition as one of those ways of getting us to scale, he said.
6. Now the network can simply point to talent and say, This person has millions of followers.
7. Tech companies and society need to work harder to increase the talent pipeline.
8. The challenge is how do you take that talent base and transition it.
9. They need to be near the best talent pool.
10. It does this through live presentations that connect talent with the audience.
11. There are few places in the world that you can attract and keep talent in both, he says.
12. The Bay Area also has more money invested and the most tech talent, the report said.
13. I am not that great with a regular camera, your talent must be something else indeed.
14. Companies are looking for talent that can hit the ground running, and contribute immediately.
15. Besides, we have some of the best talent in the world here.

[Antonyms]inability, ineptitude, incompetence

[Synonyms]ability, gift, endowment
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