[Example Sentences]:
1. She said officers had pulled them over for a broken tail light.
2. I can ensure that this is part of the tail with the AirAsia mark on it.
3. Before long, the comet with its tail would not fit in the available field of view.
4. They were too low for the flight path and the tail of the aircraft hit the sea wall.
5. He said he could see its wing and tail surfaces were missing.
6. The ones using those words in the long tail mean exactly what they mean and nothing else.
7. In fact, they performed as much mechanical work with their tail as we do with one of our legs.
8. So the long tail really puts companies at risk.
9. This long tail of code can make companies vulnerable without realizing it.
10. On the right is the same animal with a large head crest and long tail spines.
11. On Friday, pings were detected in the Java Sea near where the tail was found.
12. After its tail was ripped off, it spun around and eventually burst into flames.
13. I wanted to see all of his tail feathers, so I cropped it like you see above.
14. In the front and back, it has an arrays of LED lights, rather than dedicated head or tail lights.

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