[Example Sentences]:
1. The federal government has said the best way to tackle poverty is to create more jobs.
2. I strongly believe that industry and government can successfully tackle this problem together.
3. She also said the pact will allow the two companies to tackle security issues in the workplace.
4. At SAP we tackle exactly this kind of user demand all the time.
5. The team hopes their research into sensors will help tackle this ongoing challenge.
6. You need a team of people to tackle this.
7. The smartphone app maps the store and suggests how to tackle the list efficiently by aisle.
8. He sees himself as an example of a way to tackle the tech diversity issue.
9. Officials have been criticised for not doing enough to tackle the crisis.
10. So what can you do to protect yourself while you wait for the government to tackle the big problems?
11. Two members of staff were taken to hospital after they tried to tackle the blaze themselves.
12. Iraq has appointed a new prime minister to tackle the crisis.
13. An Italian startup has come up with a novel way to tackle the growing problem of debris in space.
14. Mr Hunt said the data could be used to tackle smoking, drinking and obesity.
15. The cheapest way to tackle a pile of hard drives is to wipe them with a software eraser.
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