[Example Sentences]:
1. He said that could help bring people to the table to come up with the best replacement.
2. There is reputation risk on the table for the companies that are involved.
3. He added, There are still some important issues on the table that are unresolved.
4. They sat us down at a long table in a conference room.
5. It appears there is some money being left on the table, he wrote.
6. That would take the question of capital off the table at Tesla for years to come.
7. We are not taking anything off the table at this point.
8. Everything is on the table for the board to get this deal done.
9. It has to bring more to the table, a lot more.
10. There is a lot of experience that we bring to the table regarding manned flight.
11. The state will participate and bring assets to the table to support local law enforcement efforts.
12. The friends all stack their mobile devices in the center of the table as soon as they arrive.
13. Everyone at that table was very concerned that this was going to be a very dangerous episode.
14. You would expect all members to come to the table with their ideas, he said.
15. Everything is on the table for Apple, so they need to land and get it right. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home