[Example Sentences]:
1. Boys are charged $25 for swim gear, and girls $40.
2. You also can set it to monitor how far you run or swim and track how long you sleep.
3. You have some folks who might not swim at all.
4. The odd length of the pool I swim in also gave them trouble.
5. Ten people were rescued from the water, while a further four managed to swim to shore.
6. Many swim away and their fate is never known.
7. The machines can swim the seas and collect data for months on end.
8. Even the sharks that we released in the offshore direction, they started to swim offshore initially.
9. They can swim, which is why this python was able to make it to the platform.
10. If they can see a shoreline, many migrants will try to swim for it.
11. Although tablets are less likely to go for a swim, you should still wrap yours in a sturdy case.
12. Previously demonstrating the ability to fly and swim, the tiny robot can now land on walls.


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